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Text: Alex Tocilescu 

Director: Catinca Drăgănescu

Distribution: Crina Ene, Silvana Negruțiu, Constantin Dogioiu, Alexandru Zob

Co-production POINT & GO WEST 



The merry existence of Alex Tocilescu, advertiser and president of the Residents’ Association in his block of flats, recently returned to Romania after 20 years of living abroad, is shattered when his neighbors and friends decide to massively emigrate. 

Made for Export stands at the crossroad between the Tocilescu family history and the migration story of a generation who’s constantly on the move. This is a show that belongs to the young and angry, to the nostalgic and brave. It’s the story of those who leave, those who come back and those who stay. 

The original text of the play, written by the real Alex Tocilescu himself, is the result of a collaborative process that started from 100 real-life migration stories of young Romanian professionals, carefully collected over three months, mixed and interconnected to the author’s personal biography. 

Made for Export is the second play on migration developed as part of the GO WEST platform, emphasizing and debating the brain drain phenomenon from East to West. Romania is no exception to that. According to the National Institute of Statistics, one Romanian leaves the country every 5 minutes and 27 seconds. 

About the author: Alex Tocilescu is a Romanian writer, advertiser and journalist, cat lover and  and president of the Residents’ Association in the block of flats he lives in.

Made for export has been selected in The National Theatre Festival 2018. 

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